My name is Tarik Khan, I’m a frontline nurse and I’m running for State Representative in the 194th district to transform our broken system and build a Pennsylvania for all of us. It's our Time to Lead

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Tarik Khan

I've spent nearly two decades as a nurse solving problems and advocating for patients and workers. As State Representative, I will fight for a Pennsylvania that works for all of us.


My name is Tarik Khan, I'm a nurse, and I am fed up with our broken system. I'm running for State Representative to give Harrisburg a shot in the arm.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and am a proud product of our public school system and a graduate of Central High School.

My dad came to Philadelphia from Pakistan to go to college and build a better life. My mom was raised in NW Philly by a single mother, became a nurse and was the first in her family to go to college. My parents taught me the value of education and working hard, and as a Muslim kid, growing up with a Catholic mother in a Jewish neighborhood it was instilled in me at a young age the importance of speaking out for righteousness and truth in the face of injustice.

It’s because of my mom that I decided to become a nurse.

Working as a nurse for nearly two decades, I know our system is broken because I see it every day working with patients at the health center in our district.

I decided to run for State Representative after hearing the countless stories of hardship and loss. I kept recognizing the same themes over and over again. My patients tell me it feels like our government leaders have forgotten about us. They feel like our government have left them behind and that they have to fight for themselves. They tell me stories of getting passed around from office to office, one leader after another, passing the buck, and explaining why it’s not their job to deal with this specific issue.

They want someone to listen, show up, and fight for them.

As a nurse, I would never tell a patient their needs are not my problem, and as a legislator, I will never tell a constituent their issue is not in my job description.

Nurses, essential workers, frontline workers, we are problem solvers. When things get tough, we roll up our sleeves and work together to find solutions.

I am running for office because after the pandemic and the failure of our government to take care of communities, it is time for new leadership. Nurses, essential workers, frontline workers, it’s our time to lead. 

People deserve leaders who will represent them and serve with the energy that they deserve. Every day I work I strive to be that type of leader.

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