Abortion Care and Reproductive Justice

As the son of an ER nurse who worked before Roe v. Wade, I learned early on that abortion services are essential healthcare. As a family nurse practitioner, I’ve referred patients to safe abortion services and have fought to ensure that ALL patients regardless of ethnicity, race, or wealth have access to this lifesaving care and fundamental human right.

Environmental Justice and Infrastructure

Our city is at a tipping point – facing the overlapping crises of global warming, public disinvestment, and economic inequality. Our infrastructure is ill-prepared for the effects of our climate crisis, as we saw recently with Hurricane Ida and the historic flooding of Manayunk’s Main Street, Ridge Avenue in East Falls, and beyond. The future of our environment affects all of us – and no one more so than frontline and working-class communities.

Fairly Funded Education

As a proud product of the Philadelphia public school system, I was privileged to experience the best of our public school system – including Central High School (255!). I believe every student should have the opportunity to obtain a quality education, regardless of the neighborhood they reside in.

Healthcare for All

Through my over a decade and a half nursing career, I’ve seen firsthand the effects of social disparities on health outcomes. The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the disparities in our community and shown us that we need healthcare champions in our legislature and positions of leadership.

Housing for All

Every single person deserves a place to call home. In reality, people across our district and state are struggling to stay in their homes. Our community is being threatened by increasingly unchecked development that places money into the hands of big developers over individuals.

Voting Rights and Redistricting

Voting rights are under attack in Pennsylvania and across the nation. As someone who has volunteered to register hundreds of voters over the last decade and a half, I will fiercely support efforts to expand ballot access and oppose any effort to roll back our Commonwealth’s recent voting rights gains.

Worker’s Rights

As the cost of food, basic services, and housing rise across our city and country, wages are stagnant. Our communities face an increasingly real threat of climate disaster, our infrastructure remains crumbling. As many of us continue to struggle to pay our bills and put food on the table, the wealthier grow both wealthier and more powerful. We must shift power away from the wealthy and back into the hands of workers.