Healthcare For All

Through my near two decades-long nursing career, I’ve seen firsthand the effects of social disparities on health outcomes. We deserve a healthcare system accountable to patients and communities rather than insurance and pharmaceutical companies seeking to pad their profits. 

I fundamentally believe that healthcare is a human right. No one should lack access to care because they cannot afford it or fear hidden costs.

I will: 

  • Lead efforts to pass safe nurse staffing standards (HB106).

  • As Co-Chair of the PA House Medicare-for-All Caucus, I will help leadsSupport drafting and advocacy for the passage of Medicare-for-All legislation that will protect Pennsylvanians across the commonwealth to make sure that no one goes uninsured.  I will advocate for short-term solutions for healthcare, including expansion of Medicaid and Medigap by lowering the eligibility thresholds and outlawing pre-existing condition bans, increasing CHIP funding, regulating drug prices, and investing in community hospitals and community health and preventative care. 

  • Oppose barriers to accessing PrEP & PEP, including eliminating copays and other associated costs and outlawing discrimination in life insurance plans for patients who take these medications.
  • Work to prevent hedge funds and other for-profit corporations from looting our community hospitals for their land and other assets.
  • Work to lower the cost of prescription medication and increase access to vaccinations and preventative care for all. 
  • Work to increase school-based health centers across our commonwealth to provide primary care and mental health services to our children and young adults.
  • Promote racial equity in healthcare, including diversity of leadership in healthcare institutions from the top down (CEO, CFO, CNO to physicians to nurse managers, etc.) and invest in having Black and Brown healthcare workers in senior levels of leadership.
  • Ban discrimination of LGBTQI patients & create more LGBQTI inclusivity in the health profession.
  • Work to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity, including addressing health disparities in our often marginalized communities, especially amongst Black mothers.
  • Have a holistic approach to healthcare rooted in community care – invest in mental health resources, and address the correlation between gun violence and health.
  • Oppose all efforts restricting reproductive justice including attacks on a person’s right to choose.