Worker’s Rights

As the cost of food, basic services, and housing rise across our city and country, wages are stagnant. Our communities face an increasingly real threat of climate disaster while our infrastructure continues to crumble. As many of us continue to struggle to pay our bills and put food on the table, the wealthier grow both wealthier and more powerful. We must shift power away from the affluent few and back into the hands of workers. 


We will not achieve this without the support of unions and without improving workers’ rights. Philly is a union city, and unions have been the backbone of the middle class in our city. When unions have more power, our workers see not only higher wages but safer working conditions. I have seen this firsthand in my own career and have taken action to secure better working conditions for nurses in PA. As President of the Pennsylvania State Nurse’s Association (PSNA), I helped lead efforts to bring nursing unions and professional nursing associations together on a comprehensive safe staffing bill benefiting patients and nurses. As State Representative, I will continue to fight alongside unions to support working people as I did with the Patient Safety Act. And I will always support workers fighting to form unions in their workplace.


I will:

  • Fight so that all workers can have the right to unionize without retaliation. 

  • Oppose all anti-worker legislation.

  • Support raising the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. 

  • Support and fight for fair workweek legislation. 

  • Ban any form of LGBTQI discrimination in the workplace.  

  • Support investments in the state’s infrastructure, including creating more equitable transit for people across the state and supporting the creation of good union jobs.