Housing for All

Every single person deserves a place to call home. In reality, people across our district and state are struggling to stay in their homes. Our community is being threatened by increasingly unchecked development that places money into the hands of big developers over individuals. The level of development in our district is beginning to push out long-term residents while also putting affordable housing out of reach for many working-class people. Many residents are being pushed out, priced out, and bought out of their homes. 


As COVID-19 has brought to light — housing is a public health issue. People experiencing homelessness are at much greater risk for contracting COVID-19. Homelessness is a crisis of our own making and is not beyond our ability to solve. For an increasing number of residents living on a fixed income, the reality of homelessness gets closer every day.

I will: 

  • Work to regulate development in our district. This means promoting the investment of accessible and affordable housing while also fighting for construction and housing density regulations. 

  • Fight for our elder community. Older adults are cornerstones of our community, should be able to remain in their homes, should not be taxed out of their own homes, and should not be harassed by developers to sell. 

  • Support an end to exclusionary zoning practice as well as ending the 10 year tax abatement, as it benefits wealthier newcomers to Philadelphia, yet does not bring any new tax revenue into the city and back into our communities.