Voting Rights and Redistricting

Voting rights are under attack in Pennsylvania and across the nation. As someone who has volunteered to register hundreds of voters over the last decade and a half, I will fiercely support efforts to expand ballot access and oppose any effort to roll back our Commonwealth’s recent voting rights gains. 


As your State Representative in the 194th district, I will support legislation expanding access to voting in our Commonwealth and increasing engagement in our electoral process. I also support the movement to make future redistricting efforts fairer, so voters choose their elected officials instead of elected officials choosing their voters.


I will support: 

  • Lowering the voting age to 16
  • Instituting automatic voter registration in Pennsylvania
  • Establishing same-day voter registration
  • Expanding early voting sites and mail-in drop boxes
  • Establishing pre-canvassing for mail-in voting
  • Creating an independent commission for future redistricting efforts in the Commonwealth
  • Bringing a permanent end to prison gerrymandering
  • Blocking restrictive voter-ID laws, unlawful voter purges, and criminalizing the ballot box