Abortion Care & Reproductive Justice

As the son of an ER nurse who worked before Roe v. Wade, I learned early on that abortion services are essential healthcare.  I am proud to have written and introduced a bill to repeal unnecessary mandates that block access to safe abortion care. As a family nurse practitioner, I’ve referred patients to safe abortion services and have fought to ensure that ALL patients regardless of ethnicity, race, or wealth have access to this lifesaving care and fundamental human right.


The recent news from the Supreme Court regarding striking down Roe v. Wade is a crisis and will lead to needless suffering and worsening health disparities if so ruled. As State Representative, I have and always will fight to block a constitutional amendment to ban or restrict access to abortion in Pennsylvania, preserve the fundamental right to reproductive freedom, and work with advocacy groups in our state and elsewhere to find solutions for individuals seeking abortion care.


We need to mobilize to ensure pro-choice candidates win up and down the ballot in PA and across the nation to preserve the fundamental right to choose abortion.


I will:

  • Vote down any and all bills seeking to take away Pennsylvanians’ right to abortion care
  • Work to remove current restrictions on abortion access in PA to ensure abortion care is safe, legal, and accessible
  • Sponsor or co-sponsor any bills seeking to protect and expand the right to abortion care
  • Support abortion care service funds to ensure that affordable care is available for those that require it
  • Endorse and mobilize to support pro-choice candidates across Pennsylvania and the United States and fight tirelessly to make sure a pro-choice governor is in office